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My name is Stuart How and I am an NLP Practitioner and an NLP Sport Practitioner. I help ALL walks of life to achieve your greatness!
Whether you're wanting a better job or career or better results in your life or you are an elite athlete I will help and have helped achieve your greatness.

I am Very successful in Sport and now I am a Master Practitioner in NLP I also help people outside of sport. I help people with fears, phobias and help people quitting smoking and all this can happen within just the hour in a lot of cases ! with phobias if you can remember a one time event how the phobia started I can rectify this.

I also help with Goal setting so you can achieve your ambitions. Imagine if you couldnt fail? what would you achieve?

I help you change your neurological paths and neurological levels so you can get fantastic results and fast.

Build Confidence

I can ‘anchor’ a confidence state so the confidence tool is always at your disposal. imagine being confident all the time even if you dont believe you can right now.

Better Results

 If you do what you always do you will get what youve always got, to get better results you need to better your mindset and focus.

Achieve Goals

If failure didn’t exist what would you achieve? There is no such thing as failure only feedback so lets achieve right NOW.


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My Service -The Road To Success

I help you to achieve your dream no matter how small or big ! NLP is a study of success so if you want to be successful you have come to the right place.

Fact 1

NLP Is a study of success. Everyone successful has left a trail how they become successful. The way they think the way they act and a lot more.

Fact 2

 NLP is techniques working on the unconscious mind as this is where it all happens, all our motivation and state of mind is at unconscious level.

Fact 3

I help athletes get in the ‘Zone’ and when they are in this state they are performing at their best.

Fact 4

There are many levels at neurological levels. Most people think there is 1 and they try hard to be at their best. I can make changes quickly and it is long lasting.

Fact 5

I help athletes to perform at their best and I work with amateurs and professional athletes and work with athletes that have world rankings.

Fact 6

I also help people with phobias and help people quit smoking, lots of people have much better results in just 1 hour !!!

Session Delivery Methods

Thanks to technology my NLP sessions can be delivered in a number of ways the days of sitting face to face are long gone, though are still available if needed.

Membership Intro

Via Membership

Exclusive online members only video coaching.

Via Skype

One to one sessions are available on tablet, pc, laptop and mobile phone using Skype .

Via Social Media

Sessions are available via social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Via Telephone

One to one sessions can be held using mobile phone or landline.


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Quit Smoking – Losing Weight

Fed up of not being able to quit? Paying lots of money on a habit you’re not enjoying?
not only will it save you lots of money it will also help you be a lot more healthier.

Imagine a life being smoke free and happy. I can help people quit smoking in just 2 hours.

I want to help you live a healthy life and also save you money.

I want to help people become their very best and smoking can be very hard to give up.

Luckily now I can reprogramme the mind so you can quit in just 2 hours. I want you to be able to live a clean life without smoking so if you want a smoke free life and to stop feeling fed up and clogged up get in touch.

Losing weight - fed up of feeling sluggish? want to get away from hiding from the scales? now you can !! motivation is key and I can give you all the secrets as I have lost 30lbs in six months and I feel great ! so if you want to feel great and get away from feeling sluggish and want to look good I want to hear about it.

I hold one to one sessions and also group sessions as this is a very popular part of my work as lots of people have come to me since I have been on TV Talking Mindset

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Healthier You

Save Money

Live Longer

Enjoy Life

Call Me

Give me a call on 07890 53 70 78 and start to change your life today!

Business Training

If you are looking for normal business training this is not for you!! Most training workshops I have been on are how to sell a product. Now as much as that is helpful. You have to realise the product never sells itself 100% even High end market cars do not sell 100% themselves. If that was the case why are there sales executives in every car dealership? Doesn’t matter how much how great your abilities/capabilities are if your beliefs in your sales are right or if your values aren’t aligned it is hard to sell. 85% of motivation comes from our top 5 values so it is important to know what they are and how they work.

Also I teach you how to find out the customers buying strategy and they will tell you how they think and make you realise people don’t need to be sold to as everyone tells you subconsciously how they buy.

I also help management to find out needs of sales executives as unconsciously we all have patterns of changing job/work/career 2 years/5years/10 years/15 years/20 years and if they are in the 2 year category I can teach you easily how to keep them happy so they are at their most productive and they stay longer as it is how their minds work.

Also I want to teach them Mental Rehearsal and the ‘zone’ because these help technique in life so they are always calm at big business deals and know how to solve every situation in these business situations.

In a 1 hour session I will cover.


Learn the rules of mindset for success.


How to always be positive so you succeed more.


Knowledge on setting SMART goals so you hit goals rather than setting goals because everyone else does.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal improves technique when you’re in meetings and situations as your subconscious thinks you have done it before so you will be calm in all situations allowing you to be productive 100% of the time.

Values & Beliefs

This is the most powerful reason why people fail in business as success is 80% mindset and 20% skill.

Deal with setbacks.

How to deal with setbacks so you are prepared and also more importantly you can put them right and improve.

Belief and Values are highly linked and a neurological level above Capabilities but this is where everyone and all sales training works at the capabilities level.
If you don’t believe you’re any good no matter how great your skill is you will not achieve!

I will teach you Neurological levels so you know how to always succeed and that there are many levels not just one.

One Day Training -
Learning People’s buying strategies and how their mind works
People give unconscious clues how they buy – I will tell you how this works
I will also teach you how to keep your staff happy at all times as I will teach you how everyones minds work so that if someone has a mental pattern that they change jobs/work/career every 5 years that they stay with you for longer how much would that be worth to you?
I will also teach you more in depth SMART goals so that you make goals before your goal so you know every step and also goals beyond the goals so you always achieve
I will teach Modelling excellence – this is a huge step to succeeding as NLP is a study of success and successful people have left trails on how to succeed – there is a reason why I have 10 years sales experience and have been on TV talking about Mindset and worked with athletes at World level.

Two Day Training -
Two day training will cover how to get results quickly. It will cover the above and also more!

Day 2 will cover how to get customers and potential customers in rapport almost instantly. This is a great tool for selling. As you read this I know you are interested as this is what sales is really about. Every time someone walks into your store it is because there is interest.

I will teach you not only rapport but exactly how to tell how the other person thinks. Do you know at the moment when people sell/speak to their audience they are losing 75% of their audience as they do not know how that person thinks?
People are visualisers and some think in sounds and some talk to themselves.

Have you ever noticed how no matter how hard you try you don’t get on with someone or it feels like you are mismatching them?

Probably because you are. Now you can get on with people and help them and help sell too. I have been on TV talking Mindset and now ready to pass on my knowledge and all the secrets, for more information please feel free to fill in the enquiry form below.



Quotes from #TeamInspired members!


Quote from Ross

“The work me and Stuart have been doing together since November 2013 has been so positive and has helped me progress a lot quicker mentally and get so much more focused for fights. I’ve had 5 fights back with my new team which has resulted in 5 wins, 2TKOs and also become the commonwealth champion. And a round 1 KO for the WBO European Title, Stuart is certainly staying as one of the cogs in Team Ross the Boss” – Ross won the commonwealth title with only 4 days notice and won the WBO European title by round 1 KO

RBRoss the Boss Burkinshaw

Thanks Stuart

15th December 2014

I have only known Stuart a few weeks and already I can feel the benefit of our coaching sessions. Since Stuart started helping me I have become North West Champion, National 51kg Youth Silver Medallist and gained a place on the England Youth squad, and this is just the beginning.

BJFBillie Jean Franks
Stuart How

Kevin Hooper

20th March 2015

I would like to personally thank Kevin Hooper for using my services and letting me help him mentally for his English Title fight at super featherweight against Gary Sykes (15th March 2013) and his English Title fight against Jon Kays (October 5th 2013). Kevin Hooper is now looking for sponsorship so please follow him on twitter – twitter name : @superhoops15

Stuart HowNLP Practitioner
Lenny Pidgeley

I'm Inspired

25th March 2014

“Felt an immediate change in my concentration and confidence levels within first hour with working with Stuart. Generally suprised with the progress within my first hours session” – Lenny Pidgeley (Currently plays for Newport County in the blue square premier division) has played for Chelsea, Watford(loan) Millwall,Woking,Carlisle United and Exeter – Please Note have no link to these teams and have only worked with Lenny Pidgeley and not the clubs. I Would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lenny on winning the Play Off Final in the Blue Square Premiership with Newport where they will be playing League 2 Football next season

Lenny PidgeleyNewport County FC
Ed Smith

You are a legend!!

5th April 2015

‘I had never heard of NLP before meeting Stuart and, I have to be honest, I was a little bit sceptical about it to start with. Stuarts unbreakable belief in his own ability to help people almost sounded to good to be true. Over the last year or so, Stuart has taught me techniques & fundamental lessons that have made such a profound change to my personal life, as well as my sporting mindset, that everyone I know and work with have commented on the changes. That unbreakable self-belief Stuart has in himself is just one of the things that he has helped pass on to me and I’ve yet to find a problem that he can’t help me with. Stuart is a genuinely nice guy with some serious skills and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks for everything you’ve done Stu, you are a legend.

Ed SmithBritish Skeleton Athlete
Troy Williamson

Massive thanks Stu!!

29th April 2015

‘I spoke to Stuart the first time last year and agreed to work together, only working with him a short time- a few weeks before ABAs I felt a change in my concentration and confidence straight away.. And it lead me becoming 2015 senior elite aba champion. He deffos knows how to get you where you want to be! Massive thanks stu Stay in the zone.. Apart from when your driving #inspired.

Troy WilliamsonElite National Champion 2015


Whatever your problem, Big or small, I have got a solution when you need it. Contact me to learn more about my services and how I can help you acheive you goals.